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Saturday, March 26, 2011


What if your blessings come thru raindrops
What if your healing comes thru tears
What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know you are near
What if trials of this life are your mercies in disguise......

As if every promise from your word is not enough....you hear every plea.....if only we would have faith to believe. The pain reminds this heart that this is not my home. What if my greatest disappoints, the trials of this life... reveal something greater...your blessings.

When the days are filled with just a bit too much RAD crap or perhaps I just don't have the energy to be on my 'A game', when my attitude is everything but desirable, when I am throwing myself a pity party.....this song reminds me that I indeed have a Father who not only hears my cries but He knows my heart, He is powerful and mighty-He is God not I.....so I don't always understand why there is not healing where we want it, why there is brokeness when we desire anything but...sometimes what I want is not what I need....but I never doubt that He loves me, He cares for me, He is holding me, and He will never leave me, ever. Praying to see His blessings in any form they come.


  1. i wish I still had this faith. i am proud of you for hanging on. I lost my grip somewhere along the way and I'm not sure I want to grasp hold of it again.

  2. That is tough and I think the more 'crap' you endure the harder it would be to cling and grasp hold of His promises. One thing that keeps my faith strong is that it's 'mine'...something I can control-I can nurture or neglect, something I don't have to share with anyone, and I find peace in knowing that in all my ugliness my Father still loves me. You are an amazing woman who has endured and continues to endure a lot of rough yuck and yet you still smile, share and give of yourselves to so many.